The Canon 7D is a game changer.  It puts high-end video capability into the hands of prosumers (weekend warriors) like me.  After getting my Canon 7D, the first thing I did was create a quick video in Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.    Check it out.

To see the video in HD, use the link to go to my Vimeo site.

Miami University Winter Day Test from Paul Sonoda on Vimeo.

Here is a link to the same video hosted on YouTube.


WOW.  Does this camera take great video.  My previous video setup was a Canon HV20.  The Canon HV20 is a great dedicated video camera but does not have control over depth of field (Depth of field is when a part of the picture is in focus with other parts out of focus)  I don’t know if it is cold or what, but the video is a little shaky.  I need to figure out how to stabilize.  The focus changes are done manually moving the focus ring on lens.  The video was imported into iMovie 9 with a music track slapped over the top with some simple titles.   All in all, not a bad result for my first attempt.