I thought now would be a good time to look at my current set-up for video.  I plan to do individual reviews on some of the products seen in this setup.

Currently, I am have a Canon 7D with a Strobeframe bracket. ($39 on Amazon) I normally using this on a monopod, but I placed it on my tripod for this picture. I have found the Strobeframe bracket to be a godsend to stabilizing video and pictures.  Combined with my tripod, I have been able to get the good video shots even while moving.  While it is definitely not a steady cam, it is a huge improvement over holding the camera by itself.

Connected directly to the camera is my Zoom H4n. On of the shortcomings of the Canon 7D is internal audio recording. Whether you use the crappy internal mic or an external that plugs directly in, you still cannot control the recording level. With all the control over the video, it is a little disappointing that this feature is not included. No worries, the Zoom H4n is a great reasonably priced external recorder that has two on-board mics and the ability to power and connect two external phantom powered microphones. Click here to read my quick review of this great product.

I am using a small swivel mount that I got for another product not pictured here.  On top of the Strobeframe bracket, I am using a Litepanels LP Micro Compact LED Camera Light. ($270 on Amazon) It does a great job when you just cant get enough light on a subject.  I have found that I can use this in videos as well as for taking pictures.  One of the nice features is the ability to control the amount of light it creates.  I plan to do a review on this product in the future.

The lens I am using in this picture is the Canon 50mm f1.8.   It is an inexpensive gem.  It has great low-light sensitivity and at $100 is the best value lens you can buy for the Canon 7D.  My only negative comments is that the focus ring is way to narrow and too close the the lens hood (that is an additional product) to be easily used in a “Follow Focus” mode.  I will most likely need to upgrade to the Canon 50mm f1.4.  (Although I may choose to get the a 16(17) – 50mm f2.8 from Tokina or Tamron first)

Next, I am looking for ways to better set the focus during video shooting. I would like to look at getting a follow focus or remove video viewer (not a computer) . We will have to see what the Brown truck brings us next!

Below are some links to the products mentioned about at Amazon.  If you are interested in buying on of these products, please use these links.  You get the same great price and I get a small kickback from Amazon.